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A New Year!!

So what happened since the last blog? We had our crazy Xmas party where about 40 people came!! It was totally mad and many friends came along. Of course we had an after party where people started falling like flies from 4am onwards!! Great guests and I even got a good selection of pictures. I've started working with a new model - Eva Johnson. Well, she's not new to the industry but we did some work recently. She livened up the party to the ultimate!!

I was going to the Paul Raymond Xmas party but got this dreaded bug that's going round. It's still lingering.

The amazing Amber West is staying with me for over a week in two weeks and she livens up the place. Maybe I'll get Eva and her together. I have a shoot in the studio this coming week with Leia - my inspirational model. It will be the first time I've shot her in a studio setting. I know it will be good. I have a shoot arranged with Amber and one of the UK's most popular models - Satine Spark. I'm still waiting to confirm the details so will blog them next time. One other bit of news - I photographed my first TS/CD just before Christmas. He/she was only 20 and with Mistress Annabelle's kind assistance and Leia's encouragement, the shoot results are quite good. I think we were all a bit nervous :).

Happy New Year to everyone and hope it will be peaceful and healthy for us all...

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