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In Love with Fairies - background

I wanted to do an outdoor shoot and thought of a "Fairies in the Woods" project. Initially I had no idea what to tell in the story - except it would involve two regular performers - Olga Cabaeva and Leia Organa. I had always wanted to work with Charlie Ten and she agreed to play the fairy in the story. I had an idea of using two fairies with a fairy queen but we couldn't co-ordinate available dates so that idea was ruled out. A date was booked for the shoot and Aurora agreed to do the make-up. Annabel was 2nd camera.

On the day of the shoot everyone was in a good mood. It was officially the hottest day of the year - so we took plenty of water and soft drinks. The location was Selsdon Woods. There was an intention of letting off smoke pellets and permission was gained from local fire brigade. Hi vis jackets had to be worn by crew!

The film started indoors where we see Olga's fascination for fairies. It's almost an obsession. Her Mistress Leia snatches the book away and to keep her happy she gives her a gift - a fairy neckchain.

Leia takes her sub to the woods. Leia knows her sub isn't the good girl she looks like. Olga taeses her Mistress.

Leia takes a call and Olga sees this as her chance to explore.She heads deeper into the woods. Suddenly she sees a light and a beautiful fairy is there - brushing her hair. The fairy sees Olga and traps her with her magic wand. The fairy makes love to Olga.

But then Leia appears as a terrible witch. Horrified that a fairy is using her sub she takes the wand and breaks it - thus stopping the fairy's powers. Leia and Olga then dominate the fairy.

Finally we see Leia and Olga leaving the woods - feeling happy. The final images are of the fairy = destroyed. But the fairy neckchain still sparkles. Perhaps there is still life in the fairy?

All performers were amzing and so patient throughout a very long day.

I know not everyone will love or even like this filmbut we try to be different. I hope I have succeeded.

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