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Learning Respect!

Last week I shot with Leia,Ashleigh and Misha at the Scream Lounge in Croydon. Quite an intense shoot - lasted for about 3 hours. I had Annabelle to help and she got some amazing shots. The shoot was called LEARNING RESPECT and more pics will be posted here very soon. I've added one here so you can get a taste. We got over 700 stills - many of which will not be used. My shoots usually follow a scenario - a storyline - and currently I'm working on a series of projects about mild domination/humiliation. Olga is almost a resident slave of Leia's and I've introduced Amber West and Ashleigh Doll to the "plots". Misha (the new slave) is submissive in reality and as Olga travels the globe I have to shoot with her when she visits UK. She will be doing a shoot with me on Sept 11th. In the meantime, Misha took part in the latest shoot which has Ashleigh and Leia teaching Misha the meaning of the word Respect!!


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