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An Amazing Year!!

Just summing up 2018! What a fantastic year for Red Heaven media. Nominated again for an award in category Best Fetish/Niche site. Lost out again!! Two years running now. But it's great to be nominated by peers who recognise something unusual and different. A niche market! This site is free and will always remain free. There may be a members only area in 2019 but it's only for registered members - at no cost!

There were amazing shoots throughout 2018 and some beautiful films made. I was very lucky with the performers and finding new and exciting venues.

The industry is moving forward into 2019 with a degree of uncertainty. Age Verification is just around the corner. They say 99% British public is totally unaware of this sea change. All commercial sites will have to install software which proves everyone visiting the site is 18 or over. Let's see how things pan out from Spring 2019 onwards.

"In Love with Fairies" has been released on the site. The films are gradually becoming weirder and weirder lol. Expect more craziness in 2019!

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