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Controlling two slaves and more

"In Love with Fairies - a Fetish Fairy Story" is being edited at the moment. There are some images on one of the first pages here. T"he material is amazing and thanks to the great performers. Leia Organa - Olga Cabaeva and Charlie Ten. Watch this space for the full film.

Now we are at the end of Summer it's time to arrange more productions. Coming up are Princess Nikki, Liz Rainbow andseveral other models.

Last week I was fortunate to shoot one of our industry's top models - Sahara Knite. We used one of our favourite venues in Sutton as it has a dungeon. In fact when we were there they were working on the new dungeon.

Sahara was joined by Prince Caspian and Violet Vulgarity as her slaves. A fantastic shoot and the results will be published here soon.

The UKAP awards are not long away and it's a wonderful for networking and a rare opportunity to meet colleagues and friends in the UK adult industry. Funnily enough World Zombie Day is the day after and on the Saturday night it's Zara du Rose's "Sin City" event at the Scala, London. Going to be a busy weekend!

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