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A new Year! A new Decade!

Well - here we are then - at the start of a new decade.

Adult media has always had problems shaking off the stigma of associations with abuse, oppression, links with crime and so on. The mainstream media never really helps in portraying the world of sexual services (whether it is sex workers or porn) - it is all about confirming the publics view that "porn stars" and "escorts" have abuse issues and are working in the industry through desperation or pressure. The Louis Theroux documentary recently shown just gave more credence to this false belief.

Many performers I work with LOVE their job (and that includes sex workers). As in any industry - people suffer from conditions and have backgrounds which are traumatic. There is very little difference! OK - in our business people are naked/semi-naked and do sexual things but don't infer that just because they have sex "in public" they are lowlifes.

Although Age Verification has been put on the back burner - it doesnt mean it's gone away. Once this government has sorted Brexit - AV will probably be back. So be warned! Stay alert!

I have had the privilege of working with Nu Perspective Photography to edit a new showreel for my work. The trailer has just been loaded under the videos section. Take a look!

Last year saw me shooting at Lightbox (part of Fire club) near Vauxhall. I worked with the fabulous Charlie Ten who is a hard working and talented model. I am also shooting Ms Passion8 on her various cosplay characters.

Coming up in April is the UK Fetish Awards. Organised by the same people who bring you the UK Glamour Awards (which in 2019 was at Shaka Zulu in Camden) this promises to be a fantastic night. I'm sure the fetish community will come together at Proud on 9th April. It doesnt matter who wins or who gets nominated - just enjoy the night!!

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