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A Review of "In Love with Fairies" by Red Roxy

One of the most creative people in the adult industry Red Roxy (Twitter @RedRoxyXXX) watched "In Love with Fairies"

and wrote this review:

The film has got that really unique trippy drug vibe again. I like the overlay effects on the wands. The music is the only thing that i'm not keen on just because it changes kind of just in the middle, is that a conscious decision? i guess its kind of telling a story and it definitely changes the mood. I think you've got three mini films here, kind of like a tryptych.

The end is deeply sensual and erotic.

You definitely have touched on a kind of pagan, femininity vibe. mother nature. You're once again showing that very different side to slaves and submissives. I don't think there is literally anyone else in the adult industry that manages to capture the playfulness and authenticity of the very real, loving bond at the center of this dynamic.

I could tell you a million ways to monetise this, but anything i would do would straight up fucking destroy it. I don;t know anything about this 777 frequency. i am locked in that beastial 666 material world. Its art Terry and I love that you basically do what you feel in your heart and do it with a level of decisiveness and active intent.

The world you have created is universally yours, and you consciously place yourself, with great humility as far away from the spot light as possible to let imagination cultivate the landscape organically. i'm not sure if you are a genius or bat shit crazy, but thank you.

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