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Content is King!

The last blog was in May. Lockdown was still in place and everyone was talking about how they they can get back to work - shooting and performing safely. I proposed a "legal waiver" document which could be signed by all particpants - mainly for peace of mind. I now realise this was well-intended but (basically) unworkable. The Association UKAP offered a Covid19 Test Kit which anyone working in the adult industry could refer to and use. As the national lockdown came to an end - shoots (and parties) were planned and our industry started getting back on its feet. Many did "virtual" shoots in lockdown, but for me - asking the model to aim her camera(s) and the settings just didn't float my boat.

Here we are in September and there are several local lockdowns and the "Rule of Six" is about to be implemented. Masks are mandatory on transport and within most commercial premises. The phrase "Virus Boredom" has entered the language. Young people are now getting blamed for doing what young people do. Summer partying. People are suspicious of each other and society is becoming more judgemental. The govt is mainly to blame for this as their advice/instructions are unclear and contradictory. But this isn't a political blog so I will stay away from politics (or try to!).

The adult industry is arguably the most resilient of all industries. OnlyFans took over as the Go To place for models and was swamped with people who needed to earn. Many escorts suffered terribly as they couldn't work - didn't know how to webcam and had no content to sell. It taught a lot of people you must diversify. Build your content - use clips sites - learn webcamming - research your market - maybe design your own website. Adult performers who had little content suddenly understood that Content is King. Yes - you may get paid to shoot a bg scene but all you get is the money. The producer may pay you £500 but he/she will probably double or (more likely) treble the investment selling it on various sites (including his/her own site). Over the Summer, most performers/models were teaming up with photographers/producers to shoot without any money changing hands. When all sides own the copyright there is far more flexibility. Rather than just have the studio sell the product, girls were selling their own scenes to their customers and increasing their fan bases. Who would you rather buy porn from? The producer or the girl appearing in it? Plenty of girls make their own content for their profiles. Film on your latest Samsung/IPhone or stick a camera on a tripod.

As I said in the May blog, everyone has a risk level and manages it accordingly. Some shoots have been full of Covid safety rules whereas others have little. Prior to a recent shoot, one model asked for everyone involved to be Covid tested with proof of result. There wasn't time for everyone to be tested & get the results (plus private tests are approx £200) so she stepped down. It was all good-natured and we need everyone to be honest and open so there were no hard feelings.

The new rule limiting gatherings to six people will not affect most shoots. It will affect the party scene of course (see below). On a shoot 2 or 3 performers, director and cameraperson, plus a mua or assistant. Its classed as "work" and "workplace" gatherings can have larger numbers.

I've done several shoots since mid July. Mostly solo models and couple of gg shoots. All went well and all models received the content.

The sex party business has received a lot of knocks over the past few weeks. The swinging scene (ie amateurs) tried to open up with Spa days (all socially distanced) but complaints and busybodies forced them to shut again. Of course there are plenty of swinging events going on privately but it's the clubs which need their customers back. In the same way that the professionals who organise sex parties around the UK are worried about being reported and the media love a good sex story. Especially a story about sex orgies and the pandemic. Celebrities who break the (covid) rules are front page news. In one way it's just like Prohibition where people went to Speakeasies to party and get drunk. If you try to ban something (drugs, porn, alcohol) people will want it more! Sex is a need for everyone and the fantasy of fucking your favourite porn star is a fantasy in every porn watchers mind. The customers haven't gone away - they need their sex fix more than ever before. Parties simply go underground - just like in Prohibition. The risk of being fined £10k is worth taking for many!

I do have a few shoots planned, but it's anyone's guess whether they will go ahead. My mantra is "It doesn't happen till it happens". I hope they all do as I need to add more fetish work to this little site. The UK Fetish Awards was screened online recently and was wonderful to see the amazing award winners - congratulations to all. The industry thrives on events where the we all come together as a community but 2020 has seen none. So news travels via Twitter (mainly) and all the different groups on WhatsApp and similar platforms. People are still travelling all over the country to shoot and work but it's the big events organised by Paul Raymond, UKAP, UK Glamour, UK Fetish etc which are the showpieces to the world. They will return eventually as clubs open but they are sorely missed.

I will do this blog monthly from now on as we say goodbye to this awful year. Everyone stay healthy and safe and get your pleasure wherever you can! Thank you for reading and thank you for visiting the site. Check out the videos section before you go!


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