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Shoot in Woods with Olga and Annabelle

The last warm days of Summer gave us the opportunity to go to the woods and do the shoot with the amazing Olga Cabaeva. She is the perfect sub slut slave and is so photogenic she makes it so easy!!

We went to Selsdon Woods on a very warm weekday. My previous post talks about the preparation. I neednt have scouted the woods as the girls found a perfect spot after a 10 minute stroll. We were near a walking track so had to be aware of dog walkers. The woods were very quiet and the spot we found had a large tree toppled over so providing a good sitting and posing spot. Annabelle is a domme but helps me take pictures. It was decided she would take part and model in shoot also.

We did some smoking fetish pictures first and took a variety of images of Olga in various states of undress.

Annabelle was playing at walking in the woods and taking normal pictures when she spies Olga masturbating after feeling horny. She then takes pictures of Olga without Olga knowing. Annabelle gets closer to Olga and suddenly Olga sees her. Then Annabelle takes control and dictates what Olga has to do. She makes Olga masturbate with a vibrator and leads her around the woods on a collar and leash.Finally Olga climbed on the fallen tree and urinates. The liquid cascading down the tree and trickling onto the leaves on the ground. Video was taken also and will be posted here eventually.

The results looked very good and hope they will be enjoyed by visitors to this site.

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