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First Review for Red Heaven Media website!

The amazing Red Roxy Studios reviewed this site today:

The site's UX is extremely avant garde. Lots of code wizardry that do add interest. Its a small thing, but even the motion graphics in the back ground on your index page engages an emotional response immediately. The layout of the site, particularly the galleries is almost completely unique. Something I have not seen before. There is a playful nature to site which encourages you to explore. What you have managed to do is create the emotion of allure and seduction (as any erotic website should) but you have done it with technology. It feels like an interactive book rather than a website... playing with established connotations on a subliminal so that the user is lead to explore further into the rabbit hole. It is usually extremely difficult to marry eroticism which is obviously a very organic thing with technology. Here the technology is focused on seductive exploration. That is a win. The timing of the content unfolding is mysterious. You've done a really great job, and if the above was intentional then this borders on fine art.

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