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Sunday Nunday!!

Two weeks ago today we all went to The Rectory in Sutton to do a shoot with Satine Spark, Leia Organa and Amber West. But what was so special about this shoot? It had Satine dressed as a novice nun and Leia and Amber as two Dommes. Satine was collecting for charity and happened to knock at the door where the two Dommes lived. She is invited inside to relax away from the wet and cold weather. When inside she's given "nourishment" and shown around the house. She is invited to see the secret dungeon - gets intrigued and slowly the Dommes introduce her to the pleasures of the equipment! What happened after that I will leave to your imagination (maybe I will post some pictures in the Members Area!). It was a fantastic day and all three girls gave their best. The results are amazing - we shot the scenes on HD video as well as taking pictures. Look out for this on the site soon.

I have also shot the fantastic Eva Johnson at the studio. It was a lingerie shoot mainly and she is such a sexy beautiful professional model it was so easy to get fab results. Look out for these images soon also.

Of course there have been other events in the world of Red Heaven Media - but these are separate from the photography/videography. Parties and porn are part of the work I do but you won't see these here - yet lol.

The DE Bill is due to be made law in March (forget Article 51 in March) and this will affect all websites considered adult. There is a UKAP meeting on March 2nd with a follow-up party at Sanctum. Things will be clearer by then and we should know how the new legislation will or will not change our world. Stay tuned!!

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