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UKAP Day!!

I cant believe how long it's been since the last blog.

Perhaps being busy is a good thing but it can distract from keeping a diary or a blog lol.

Recently we had the UKAP meeting day. It was very well attended - probably more people at the meeting in the afternoon than any meeting I can remember. Standing room only!

Much discussion centered around the Digital Economy Bill (age verification) and what will happen to adult sites. We are all concerned as to the future with how this will pan out. A big Canadian company (MindGeek) were there. They own the big tube sites and were offering their services to other site owners to do the verification for them - at a cost! This site is free at the moment but will still need verification in the future. The whole thing is very unclear still so will be interesting to see how things change over next 12 months.

In the evening we had party at the Sanctum Hotel in London. During party there was a screening for "Sexposed" a new "documentary" programme about UK adult industry. The first episode looked quite slick and well produced and carried interviews with personalities from various sectors. They intend this to be a regular programme so hopefully it will continue to show the adult industry in UK in a positive light. Most press reports about adult services are invariably painting it as sleazy and grubby. This is NOT the case. But its the public's perception of porn and adult material. And the press cater for it.

The party continued after the screening and the event was a great opportunity to network and meet people from all over the business. I accompanied my friends Eva Johnson and Mo Mentum (yes - people love names!). Leia was looking sensational as ever and Eva herself wore a slinky black cocktail outfit. I had a chance to chat with Zara du Rose and her husband David. Such a unique beautiful woman. I need to do a shoot with her! Harrietsugarcookie was there as were Devon Breeze, Chessie Kay, Charlotte Rose (& Colin), Kaz B and many more. Thanks to Terry Stephens as always for organising it.

I heard yesterday that the next party may be on a boat in June. Fingers crossed!

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