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Disruption and Delay!!

Again another BIG lapse in blogging ( so sorry!) - but this time I have a very good reason since my last blog in March!

At Easter (April 15th) I was at a Zara du Rose party near Kings Cross, London and returned home to find my place badly smoke damaged. I was with one of my

favourite models - Eva Johnson - and all we wanted to do was sleep after an all nighter! We walked into the house and it was like entering a smoking ruin. Everywhere upstairs was black and stinking. Downstairs was ok as the door to the lounge was shut so most of the smoke just stayed in the hallway, stairs and bedrooms. What caused it? Its still a mystery - possibly an electrical fault. The forensic people have investigated but no real reason - yet! Myself and Eva were dressed in full fetish outfits and arriving home at 7am on Easter Sunday morning and having to deal with three fire appliances, police cars, neighbours and insurance was overwhelming to say the least. But friends (and neighbours) were amazing. We were looked after and eventually driven to a friend in Crawley where we stayed overnight.

Since the fire, a lot of work putting the place back together has been done. The house has been cleared of all contents and much has been written off (beds, furniture, clothes, electronic goods, sofas, carpets etc etc). There wasn't hardly any structural damage - it's nearly all blackened with smoke.

I stayed in the Hilton hotel for over three weeks and have now moved to Hemel Hempstead - renting a room in a lovely house. I've known the owner (Eddie) for a while and he kindly offered me a place to stay. Its in the countryside just outside Hemel and the best thing is that I can continue doing shoots and videos here. I expect to be here until late September when the house should be ready to move back into.

So - what shoots have I done since Easter? Eva Johnson has become a regular model and we've enjoyed several events/shoots. She worked on a video with Leia Organa recently and Olga Cabaeva joined of course.

Olga Cabaeva in "The Gift"

The outcome is "The Gift" which you will be able to see in the video section soon.

I also shot Eva with Chanel Santos (with photographer Freddie Onadeko) in The Scream Lounge again. This was a shoot with a difference - trying to use the many mirrors in the venue.

I shot an American model this month - Katarina - she is a fantastic professional - she knew exactly what she wanted and we shot indoors and outdoors.

I also wrote and shot "Walking the Doggies" in the local woods with Olga and Leia again. They were joined by Eddie. Two sub dogs - a very interesting and unusual shoot.


Later this month I will hopefully be shooting a variety of fetish with models who have worked in this area before.

I plan to upload a lot more images and videos shortly so please check the site when you can.

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