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Thanks to UKAP and the fantastic nominees this little site has been nominated for an award!! Two actually!! Best website and Best Niche/Fetish site:

Thank you everyone who nominated us for these awards!! It's unbelievable - this site has just been going for one year exactly. It was set up with a view to showing the world something slightly off beat and different. Yes - it has Glamour and Portrait images (like countless sites) and Fetish which is similar to mainstream fetish. But look closely. You will see a difference in this site from all other sites. It shows many models trying all types of work. From the "Learn Respect" and "The Gift" videos through to beautiful Girl/Girl pictures. Models who like to be adventurous and to be shot in different ways and different styles. A model who enjoys glamour modelling might try fetish and vice versa. Plus we try and put a "kink" or an unusual slant on a shoot - pictures/music/video. I hope you will continue to enjoy what is displayed. This site will always be free but some sections will soon require members only access. Just register for a password.

How can I produce a free website while - at the same time paying the models and running the site? That's easy!! I do have other activities in the adult industry which finance this site. Look at the Twitter account

UKAP is having a barge party on July 21st: Read all about it here

and get your tickets here. Industry only sorry!!

The awards themselves are announced on September 19th at 7pm at 14, Leicester Square nightclub:

Also Happy July 4th to all our American visitors!!

More material to be posted here VERY SOON!!


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