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In Love with Fairies and other tales

Since the last blog I have done several shoots involving talented models from the UK adult industry. I get approached by models of all genders asking to collaborate on projects. I am always happy to discuss shoots and events but unfortunately the supply of performers/models far exceeds the demand. I regularly get told that everyone is just offering "content" shoots (ie no payments). I have a budget each month and don't go over this. I budget 3 or 4 months ahead and have to refuse requests for shoots if my budget is used up. I plan shoots sometimes 2 or 3 months ahead. Of course it's better to work and all models should consider "content" work if they want to collaborate with a certain photographer or producer to add to their CV or portfolio. But the industry is about people earning money and making a profession out of it. It's all about achieving a balance.

I worked with a relatively new model to the adult industry - LoulaLou. A great model and a pleasure to shoot. A hard worker and a beautiful girl. The results were outstanding. They will appear on the site soon.

Another model I have got to know well is Shooting Star. An Israeli model who has her own website and a huge fan base. Another talented performer who works incredibly hard.

"IN LOVE WITH FAIRIES - a Fetish Fairy story" was shot recently in Selsdon Woods. I was very lucky in having Charlie Ten play the role of the fairy and my regular performers Leia Organa and Olga Cabaeva. Ms Annabel assisted on 2nd camera.

This was a particularly challenging shoot - mainly as it was in public woodland (school holidays) and the script was quite detailed. It was a boiling hot day but everyone worked hard and we all had fun (except on the one occasion when we got lost in the woods!). Look out for the full film and images from the shoot which will be posted here soon.

I have done one other "big" shoot - shot in The Bad Apple - called "Dream or Reality". Performers were Violet Vulgarity, Leia Organa and Amber West. This was another femdom tale. It all went according to plan and the final film is very special and outstanding.

I have been visiting London and Brighton Pride events with friends and made a couple of short films.

It'll soon be time for the UKAP awards (5th October) in Pulse. It will be very interesting to see who deserves the accolades.

I have several shoots planned. The next is with Sahara Knight, followed by Diverse Stacey and then Liz Rainbow, There are others in the planning stages.

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